Chairman's Message

The Salvation Army is serving the humanity through four fold ministries i.e. spiritual, social, and medical and education. Educational services were put into execution in 1924 in Batala (Gurdaspur) Punjab. In old and golden day, Gurkul system was exited where Guru shared his life with the pupils in every possible way. By keeping all this in mind, the pioneers started Batala boy hostel in 1924, where the boys were brought up in hostel from rural areas and taught them free of cost.

Since then, the small school has grown into the education institution with sister concern the Gurdaspur School. This institution is committed to import affordable yet high quality education based on human values as taught by our Lord Jesus Christ without discrimination of caste and creed. The Salvation Army always helps the needy. There institutions are continually helping the rural and urban communities, as this is first edition. The student/teachers will get opportunity to express their views through Vision.Where there is no vision, there is no progress is the slogan behind naming of the magazine. We congratulate Major Robert Masih and Major Sunita Robert, the teaching faculty and non-teaching staff for their sincere effort to run and serve in these educational institutions with a grand success. We thank all parents who put their faith in The Salvation Army to hand over their Loving one for education, we assure them, we will live up to their expectation.

May God Bless our Education Institution in Batala.

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