Manager's Message

Life is not a bed of roses.It consist of both adversity and fulfillings situations prosperity and privation. William Hazlitt has write,"prosperity is a great teacher,adversity is greater.Possession pampers the mind,privation trains and strong then it" The Salvation Army Education Institution provide all meaning education to all student along with theoretical knowledge. In this modern era of technology where the student already know much more about 3G/4G world.To teach them morals and ethics are a great challenge.

In campus the students are provided best facilities that they may feel good to compete with the private institutions" students.Regularly the guest lecturers are invited that they may address student rising demands in learning.All teachers believe in hard work and dedicate.The students are continually told that nothing is impossible in this world as our institution also win champion of champions trophy in sport since 2003 till date.The teacher incharge of sport,coaches and the management work very hard,spend lot spend lot of money and time to achieve the success.Likewise in academic side the teachers also work very hard and the students are placed in merits and distinction upto the college level.Our mission is to reach and involve youth and children as they are today's leaders The Salvation Army remains on the front side to fulfill the needs of needy and esecially in field of education.On behalf of The Salvation Army We assure the parents and the students to look after their needs and shape good citizen of the world. To conclude the message; We will tell students that "hardwork,will power and dedication can laed them to sure success."

Wishes you Will-Power and Dedication to succeed.
Yours in Christ,

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New York