Principal's Message

Education gives vision to improve the quality of life. We salute the success of the pioneer offices major F.B Tucker and others who purchased the piece of land to start education services in punjab in 1909 and then it had been started in 1924,"Soup,Sap and Salvation"was the message of the army since its inception in 1865 from london which today has contracted in 128 countries by its message of Jesus Christ

In to many places acrose the globe, a resoltion turning to materialism has led to an unhealthy exclusion of those other key elements required for men and women to know deep and lasting satisfaction. Materialism can never address the deepest longing of our heart and this satisfaction.Materialism can never address the deepest longings of our heart and this superficial feature of too many societies around the world is simpley incapable of giving ture joy and freedom .Life is more than the accumlation of possession and many individual today despite owning so much remain unsatisfied.The Bible speak to us about the purpose of our lives.It speaks to us about our destiny that is why The Salvation Army emphasis to impart edcation service where there is need for it.These edcation institutions are based on Bible teaching and the pioneers had selected the golden verse for children."The Fear of the lord is the Beginning of the Wisdom." Prop:9:10 May God richly bless you all students,teachers staff,office and parents as you join with us to be a part in the education ministry of The Salvation Army.
The key words for the grownup students"Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us,fixing our eyes on Kesus the pioneer.

Major Robet Masih
Educational Institutions